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The Fire Engine limousine is the most popular of all in the themed limos in limo hire London. This is particularly true of hen night limousine hire, girlie birthdays and children’s parties. Many of the Fire Engine limos are authentic; some are even still in service so that they may have been putting out a fire the night before. Still others have a limousine like interior with plush leather seating, CD players, Sound System, Flat Screen TV’s and DVD players. Many are crewed by real firemen which only adds to the experience of the rental. Contact limo hire London today for more information about Fire Engine limousines in London.

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The Fire Engine limo can be used for any occasion or event in London, though it is rarely hired out for stag night limousines. It has on occasion been rented for a wedding days and even Royal Ascot limo hire and it is certainly a hit at school proms. In all cases the Fire Engine limousines will arrive with lights flashing and sirens blaring and usually the hen or birthday girl will get a complimentary fireman’s lift into the vehicle. Contact limo hire London today for package ideas for a Fire Engine limo in London.

The Fire Engine limousine in London typically seats up to 8 people, though there have been rumours of a 16 seater so watch this space. As with all chauffeur hire, the Fire Engine limo is very popular in London particularly at weekends. It is therefore important to book the Fire Engine limousine early to avoid disappointment. Contact Hire Limo London today for great limo hire prices for a Fire Engine limousine in London.

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