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audi limo hire london

Audi Q7 limousine

The Audi Q7 limousine is the latest stretch limo hire to hit the streets of London. Available in black, white or silver this limousine is definitely one to rent and is fast becoming as popular as Hummer limo hire.

bmw limo hire london

BMW X5 limousine

The BMW X5 limo is actually a very rare limousine, not just in London but in the whole of the UK. This is very surprising when you consider how cool it looks. It is a very modern limousine loaded with extras such as flat screen TV’s, DVD players, CD players and much more.

baby bentley limo hire london

Chrysler Baby Bentley limousine

Limo Hire London has many limousines on offer, but perhaps the classiest is the Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley. So called because of its resemblance to the prestigious Bentley road car, the Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley limo is now more popular than its rival the stretch Lincoln Town Car.

ferrari limo hire london

Ferrari limousine

The fastest limousine in the world is now available for rental in limo hire London. The stretch Ferrari limousine is capable of hitting speeds of over 150mph though it is unlikely to attain this around the streets of London.

fire engine limo hire london

Fire Engine limousine

The Fire Engine limousine is the most popular of all in the themed limos in limo hire London. This is particularly true of hen nights, girlie birthdays and children’s parties. Many of the Fire Engine limos are authentic; some are even still in service so that they may have been putting out a fire the night before.

ford excursion limo hire london

Ford Excursion limousine

The Ford Excursion limousine is an excellent 4x4 limo more than capable of competing with the Hummer H2 limo and the new batch of European limos such as the Porsche Cayenne limo and Range Rover limousine.

hummer limo hire london

Hummer limousine

The Hummer H2 limousine is by far the most popular stretched limo in limo hire London. All over London the Hummer H2 limousine and its smaller cousin the Hummer H3 limo are the most requested of all the stretch cars. There are many types of Hummer H2 limousines in London both in style and colour.

jeep excursion limo hire london

Jeep 4x4 limousine

The Jeep Expedition limousine is one of a trio of American 4x4 limos available for rental in limo hire London, the other two being the Ford Excursion limo and Lincoln Navigator limousine. These limousines are worthy alternatives to the Hummer H2 limo but with a much cheaper price tag.

lincoln millennium limo hire london

Lincoln Millennium limousine

The Lincoln Town Car limousine is the most common stretched limousine seen in limo hire London. London has a fantastic selection of stretch Lincoln Town Cars all available in many different colours including white, black, pink, silver and even blue. The Lincoln Town Car limousine has been around for many years and there have been a lot of different models.

lincoln navigator limo hire london

Lincoln Navigator limousine

The Lincoln Navigator limousine is perhaps the only 4x4 limousine that comes close to resembling Hummer limo hire. To the untrained eye it is usually mistaken for a Hummer H2 limo as it cruises past. Limo hire London has a fine collection of Lincoln Navigator limousines in various colours and sizes.

alternative limo hire london

Other limousines

Themed limos such as the Party Bus limousine and Fire Engine limo have increased rapidly in popularity throughout limo hire London in the couple of years. The Party Bus and Fire Engine limos are perhaps the best known of the themed limos but there are many more besides.

party bus limo hire london

Party Bus limousine

Limo hire London has access to the biggest and craziest form of stretch limousines and none more so than the Party Bus limousine. These huge chauffeur driven limos are full or added extras such as smoke machines, bubble machines, touch screen music systems, poker dens, Playboy dens, dance poles, karaoke and even an on tap bar.

pink hummer limo hire london

Pink Hummer limousine

There are two versions of the pink Hummer limousine in limo hire London; they are the Hummer H2 limousine with a capacity of 16 people and the smaller Hummer H3 limo which can seat 12. Both are amazing and kitted out with all the mod cons and gadgets you can think of such as plasma screens, IPod connectors and touch screen technology.

pink limo hire london

Pink limousines

An amazing variety of different styles of pink limos from 4x4 limos to traditional shape stretched Town Cars can be rented for incredible limo hire prices. The pink 4x4 limos available in London include not only the gorgeous pink Hummer H2 limousine but also a unique pink Lincoln Navigator limousine with 6 wheels!

porsche cayenne limo hire london

Porsche Cayenne limousine

The Porsche Cayenne limousine is a classy 4x4 limo introduced to compete with the American Hummer H2 limos and Lincoln Navigator limousines. Limo hire London has an excellent collection of Porsche Cayenne limos available in silver or black, plush interiors and with a capacity of up to 12 people.

range rover limo hire london

Range Rover limousine

There are two types of Range Rover limousine available in limo hire London, namely the Range Rover Vogue limo and Range Rover Sport limousine. Both are equally amazing, available in silver and packed to the roof with extras such as plasma screens, DVD players and even a disco floor that changes colour when you dance on it.

wedding car limo hire london

Wedding car limousine

There are plenty of classy and prestigious wedding cars available for rental in limo hire London. This includes both modern wedding cars such as the beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley Arnage and Bentley Flying Spur and classic cars such as the 1930’s Beauford, the 1963 S3 Bentley and 1964 Rolls Royce Cloud.