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The colour of the limousine plays a big role in deciding which limousine to go hire. Throughout the UK, particularly limo hire London, many limousine companies have a variety of different colour limousine in their fleet. Pink limo hire has arguably become the most popular as most pink limousines are hired for hen nights and girlie birthdays. So much so that almost every single type of stretch limousine has a pink version. This includes pink Hummer limos, pink Lincoln Navigator limousines, pink fire engines, pink party buses and even a pink Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley limousine. There are plenty of different coloured limousines throughout the UK and they include white, black, silver, cream, blue, red, yellow and even gold.

It is easy to see why certain colours are chosen for certain events. Pink is an obvious choice for the hen night as many have a pink theme and most women have an affinity for the colour pink. White or cream is almost always chosen for weddings. Black is a favourite colour for executive limo hire and also the stag night. Silver is colour that can be used at any event, including weddings, birthdays, hen nights and stag nights. Blue, red, gold and yellow tend to be used when the hirer wants something a little different. These colours are not as popular as white, cream, black, pink and silver so as a result there are not many limousines coloured red (with the exception of the fire engine limousine), blue, gold or yellow.